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BunionsContrary to popular belief, teen bunions are not caused by that pointy, high heel shoe that you wore when you were 20 years old or that ill fitting cowboy boot that you wore for your one day at the rodeo. Bunions are caused by mom and dad. The foot structure that you inherit from your parents creates the biomechanical forces that cause a bunion to form. Yes, shoes and activities can make the condition worse or more painful but they are not the essential cause. There, you should feel better now!

A bunion is a combination of misaligned bones and joints. Correction involves more than just "grinding off the bump." Correction involves realigning the bones and the joints and removing excess bone that may have formed.  There is no "one type fits all" bunion surgery. Each condition is unique and requires varying combinations of bone and soft tissue correction. This is where the surgeon's expertise comes in.  There are a number of surgical techniques available and it is important to choose the correct one for each patient. For more information contact us for a consultation.

Crooked Toes/Hammertoes

Crooked ToeThose crooked toes are really annoying and unsightly. Whether it is for a woman embarrassed to wear an open toe shoe or a man experiencing pain because his toes rub against the top of his work boot, this condition is easily corrected.

There are varying degrees associated with hammertoes. In its earliest form, the contracture is mild and the toe is flexible.  Correction in this case is a simple office procedure under local anesthesia where the tendon that is pulling the toe back is released through a small 1/8" incision. The longer the toe remains contracted, the more the joints adapt and the more rigid the toe becomes. That's why it's best to have this condition corrected early on.  

In an intermediate form, the patient is able to straighten their toes, but not completely. Correction at this point may involve removal of a small piece of bone from the joint in order to allow the toe to straighten completely.  This is done comfortably at a Surgicenter using sedation and local anesthesia. 

In its most severe form, the toes are rigidly contracted and the patient is unable to straighten them at all.  Correction at this level may require fusion of the joint in order to straighten the toe and be assured that it stays that way. If the same procedure that is performed on an intermediate hammertoe is performed on a severe hammertoe, there is a good chance that the condition will recur two or three years down the road.  Even this type of procedure is done comfortably at a Surgicenter under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation.  When using the Surgicenter, the patient arrives in the late morning and the procedure is performed at lunchtime.  The patient is a home for dinner but more importantly is able to walk on the foot immediately after surgery in a special surgical shoe.  All too often after having the procedures performed, the patient's first reaction is, "why did I wait so long to have this done, I've been suffering for years."

For more information contact us for a consultation.

And of course…

Ingrown toenails: a daily office procedure.  You'll be amazed at how quick and painless the
procedure is and you'll never have to deal with that ingrown nail again .

Plantar warts:  there are several methods of treatment available.  We'll discuss the one that’s right
for you.

Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs: 80% of the time the pain can be alleviated with simple office

Lumps and bumps: sometimes annoying bone spurs form and these can easily be removed.

Neuromas: these are inflamed nerves that can cause burning and tingling in the toes when walking.
They often respond to conservative therapy but if not, they can easily be removed in an outpatient setting.


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